Beauty Isn't A Size Pin

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In today's society everyone is trying to achieve societies standard of the norm by conforming to unrealistic body standards . Body shamming and fad diets which in turn can lead to eating disorders which allow us to develop a warped sense of self worth.
Everywhere you look you see beautiful faces with the bodies to match. Whether its on the news, social media or magazines primed, polished and air brushed to perfection.
Our "Beauty isn't a size "movement is redefining the way in which we see ourselves when we look in the mirror. It's allows people to love themselves for who and what they are and not allowing yourself to be defined by a dress size, number on a scale or what is deemed as sociably acceptable.
It's time to take back control. Your size doesn't define your beauty it's the way you carry yourself, your attitude and your self confidence .This is what true beauty is and this is the message we need to be passing onto future generations and allowing everyone to feel beautiful in the skin and body you were born in. 

Pin size- 39.4 x.44.5mm