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Let the world know what you believe in with these beautiful pendant necklaces. For the patriots, Ibere Apparel suggests the Africa pendant. The devout would be pleased with the Mary and the Lion of Judah pendants. Our Ankh pendant is for those who’d love to express their joie de vivre. Each pendant comes with a water-wave gold chain. Which one – or ones – would you be getting?


1.This "MARY" pendant necklace is on a 60cm Water-wave Chain gold chain.

"MARY" pendant is 1.5cm x 2.5cm

2.This LION OF JUDAH pendant necklace is on a 60CM twist rope gold chain.

3.This ankh pendant necklace on a 45 cm water wave gold chain.

ANKH  Pendant is 2.3cm X 3.9cm.

 4.This AFRICA(small) pendant necklace is on a 45 cm x 3mm gold chain.

AFRICA(small) Pendant is 3.9 cm x 2.8 cm.


6.This 4:20 Weed pendant necklace is on a 60cm Water-wave gold chain.



Material:Copper / Alloy/ Stainless Steel  With Gold  Color/Silver Color Plating. NOT REAL PURE GOLD